T.O. Streetscapes (As a Graphic Novel)

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015 in Art, Design


box_compilation_1Being a visual guy, I have always been fascinated by the offbeat features on city streets, like quirky signage and architecture. One day I decided to start documenting what I liked by taking snap shots on my smart phone.

As the photos started to grow, I began to get the feeling that these were more than snapshots, they looked more like a series of backdrops. The sort of thing that one might see as a background in a story.

As I tried to figure out what to do with the shots, I realized that I had a problem. Though the raw shots had a stark simplicity that I liked, they looked a little flat. I felt that they needed to be punched up visually.

I’ve always loved the look of graphic novels, so I asked myself, why not treat each image as if each were a backdrop in a story or comic book? So I began to digitally manipulate my favourite images to create this effect.

That is the story behind this collection.  Some are skyward views, while others represent signage and street level commercial buildings. All are from various downtown neighbourhoods in Toronto. Hopefully I was successful in capturing a bold graphic illustrative style in these images.